AiS Alive Proxy Server

AliveProxy Server consists of proxy server with anonymizer features (allows you to share your Internet connection among several computers at home or in the office), multithreaded proxy checker with import/export functions, tools for testing connection speed and performance of sites. This integration allows you to collect proxy lists, test performance of proxies on specified URLs, and immediately use the best proxies for web surfing.

How often you cannot load interesting site because of slow download speed or "Internet black holes" in the routing tables? AliveProxy will help you in these cases: you test connection speed for specified URL through multitude proxy servers and select the fastest proxy from log to browse the URL.

You can also test performance of your sites through multitude proxies in the Internet or in the LAN. AliveProxy will emulate users' requests to your web server by using multithreaded engine.

AliveProxy was built on multithreaded engine. This fact allows completely use performance of your computer (number of threads depends only on your PC). You can test connection speed, check proxy with more than 100 times per second.

The powerful proxy checker allows you to gather proxy addresses from text files or URLs and to measure great number of parameters of proxies (speed, ping, country, socks5 support, tracerout, etc.).

Anonymizer features allow you to stay invisible in web surfing. You can check several high anonymous proxies and AliveProxy will automatically change your current proxy to the checked one after some time or several requests or bytes. AliveProxy allows you to change any HTTP variables such as HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE, HTTP_REFERER, HTTP_HOST, HTTP_USER_AGENT, HTTP_COOKIE and others.

System requirements

For a correct work it is necessary following:

1. A computer with Windows 95/98/NT4/2000.
2. About 2.5 Mb on hard drive for program and +3Mb for data.
3. Direct Internet connection.
4. Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0